Welcome To the Coshocton Whiskey Club


If a short glass of dark liquor, a seat at the bar, and some company to shoot the breeze with seems like your ideal night, then the Coshocton Whiskey Club is summoning you to request a membership.

Membership to this historical, exclusive club has always been by invitation only, which means you will have a great selection of some fine spirits to drink, and have other whiskey fanatics to nerd out with about the complexity of each blend or single malt. The CWC accepts male and female memberships.

YES it means you will have to know someone already on the inside to become a member, but you can also attempt to get in by filling out an application in person at Pod & Goggles. The Coshocton Whiskey Club is capped at about 20 people, only letting in a new member when an OG exits the club.

Once admitted, though, you will meet with other CWC Members to learn and discuss more about whiskey , while imbibing four to ten bottles, (sometimes following a theme).

Some meetings will have educational materials, others may include a blind taste test, and many get-togethers end in late-night sipping on "The CWC Reserves" a secret library of stashed bottles that CWC members opened & tasted in previous meetings.

In other words: You have a plethora of opportunities to discuss and enjoy some damn-good drinks!

Moreover, what is discussed at the Coshocton Whiskey Club, is never disclosed or even mentioned to non-club members.

"FIRST, We Drink & Talk About Our Whiskey...
...then We All Solve the World's Problems!"